Lady Yvonne Bethel was born on July 14 in Brooklyn, New York to the late Henry Barley and Bettie Barley.  She grew up in Amelia, Virginia and has one brother (Kevin) and one sister (Rosalyn).  Lady Bethel is the wife of Apostle Michael Bethel and mother of four daughters – Shirvon, Yvette, Deborah, and Hannah.

She was a part of the first graduating class of Amelia County High, Amelia, Virginia.  After accepting an offer at Hercules as a chemist, she and Apostle Bethel moved to Delaware and they became members of United Missionary Baptist Church, Wilmington, Delaware followed by Gospel Church of God, Belvedere, Delaware.  In both churches, she was the church secretary along with being active in many other areas of the organization.  Currently, Lady Bethel holds a position as a staff scientist at DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware.  In addition to her full-time job, she is the secretary of Bethel Evangelistic Ministries which is in charge of three radio broadcasts, along with 16 television broadcasts seen throughout New Castle County, Delaware.  She is the founding member, senior elder, first administrator, and Sunday School superintendent of Holy Bethel the Church of God, Newark, Delaware.  She functions in various other offices at the church and coordinates community events.  Lady Bethel is an ordained minister and missionary.

Part of her ministry has been to evangelize, assist, and travel with her husband, Apostle Michael Bethel all over the country, to the island nations of Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Trinidad; and also to the continent of Africa in the countries of Ghana and Togo West Africa.

Lady Bethel’s ministry includes radio, television as well as ministering in various churches nationally and internationally.

She loves the Lord, her family, and people as evident through her sweet, kind, and selfless spirit.  She is an encourager and always recognizes the positive part of a situation.  She is a virtuous woman and the blessings of the Lord belong to her.

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